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At McReynolds Vardanyan, we limit our practice to areas of the law where our attorneys have a strong background, knowledge base and skill set to provide high-quality legal service. We also limit our active caseload so we can focus on providing personal attention and care to every client. We treat you the way we would treat our own family, and we strive to deliver the very best result every time. Learn more about our main areas of practice below, and give us a call at 818-855-2115 for a free consultation to find out how we can help you.

Personal Injury

If you’ve been hurt because of another’s negligence, you’re entitled to recover compensation for your medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering and other legal damages. Unfortunately, the burden falls on you to prove your case for damages. This means you have to be able to prove that the other party was negligent and that their negligence caused your injuries, and you have to be able to prove the cost of your injuries as well. Defendants and their insurance companies, meanwhile, will try to deflect liability away from themselves, often by claiming your own negligence caused or contributed to your injuries. For every percent of the blame they can shift onto you, there is a proportionate reduction in the amount of money damages you can collect.

At McReynolds Vardanyan, our skilled and knowledgeable Los Angeles personal injury attorneys have years of experience handling personal injury cases, representing plaintiffs as well as insurance companies. We know personal injury claims inside and out, and we’ll fight to obtain the maximum recovery available by building a strong case that proves the other party’s negligence and liability while fending off any allegations that you were in any way at fault. We know when and how to negotiate a full and fair settlement, and when the other side isn’t being reasonable, don’t worry; our legal team has a stellar record of success litigating personal injury cases and obtaining favorable jury verdicts.

Call our offices in Glendale after any personal injury in Los Angeles County. We offer a free consultation, and if you can’t travel to our office, we’ll come to you. We advance the costs of litigation so you don’t have to spend your own money out-of-pocket to pursue your claim, and we only charge a fee if we recover for you. Call McReynolds Vardanyan at 818-855-2115 after any personal injury, including:

Criminal Law

When you’ve been arrested, it’s natural to be scared and not know what to do. The police and the prosecutors make you feel powerless and try to convince you to just plead guilty to get a lighter sentence. The reality is actually quite different, though. Prosecutors face a tough burden to prove every element of the alleged offense beyond a reasonable doubt to a unanimous jury, and you have several rights to exercise in your defense, including most importantly your right to be represented by an attorney. Sometimes police make arrests when they don’t have probable cause or they make serious mistakes that violate your constitutional rights. Sometimes prosecutors charge offenses when they don’t have strong evidence to prove their case. If you are charged with a misdemeanor or felony in Los Angeles County, we’ll take a hard look at your case and mount a strong, aggressive challenge to the charges against you. We’ll make sure you know your options and where you stand so you can make informed decisions about your case, and we’ll fight for the best outcome for you.


Even if it’s your first offense, a driving under the influence (DUI) conviction can lead to upwards of $1,000 in fines and even land you in jail for as much as six months. Other surcharges, assessments and court fees make a DUI extremely expensive, and that’s without even mentioning the suspension of your driver’s license and the huge jump in insurance rates when you’re allowed to drive again. Don’t think that you don’t have any options if you’ve been arrested for drunk driving in California. Police don’t always have the evidence they need to make an arrest, but they do so anyway, hoping you’ll just plead guilty and pay a fine to put the matter behind you. We’ll investigate every aspect of your arrest, including the evidence being used against you and the procedures employed by the police. We’ll work to get you the very best outcome available in your particular situation.

Cannabis Licenses

The sale of marijuana for recreational purposes became effective at the start of 2018, as the Medicinal and Adult-Use of Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA) went into effect. California has long been a leader in providing a path to medical marijuana for patients, and with passage of the new law, the cannabis industry provides a great opportunity for entrepreneurs in California to start a new business or grow an existing one. Already three different state agencies may issue one of 20 different licenses to cannabis businesses, and the law allows for cities and counties to license and regulate cannabis businesses as well. We can help you start up your new business and attend to all corporate matters, as well as all applicable licensing requirements. We’ll also defend you in actions against the city related to your business, represent you in administrative hearings on the denial or revocation of a cannabis or business license, help resolve commercial lease and landlord-tenant disputes, and more.


We are trial lawyers; we are known for providing strong, aggressive and effective representation in court in all manner of civil litigation and criminal defense. Attorneys who don’t regularly engage in litigation but know the importance of hiring skilled and experienced litigators come to us when the need arises to help them with their case.

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