Bad Driving Habits to Avoid

In the State of California, there were 485,866 reported car accidents in 2017.  Metropolitan areas, especially Los Angeles, have the largest share of crashes and the biggest number of traffic-related injuries and fatalities.  Los Angeles saw over 90,000 motorists injured or killed in 2017.  The majority of these accidents could have been avoided if everyone on the road was driving perfectly responsibly.  Unfortunately, there are many bad habits that California drivers commit every day, leading to thousands of minor, serious, and fatal crashes.  If you are driving negligently, then you may be open to liability for any accident you cause.  In turn, if you are hit by another driver who is engaging in any of these bad habits, you should be compensated for your injuries by that negligent driver.  Read on for a list of some of the bad habits to avoid to reduce your risk of an accident, and contact a qualified Glendale car accident lawyer if a negligent driver in Southern California has injured you or a loved one.

How Not to Drive

Below are just a few of the bad habits that lead to thousands of accidents across California every day.  If you want to avoid causing serious injury and potentially owing large amounts in personal injury claims, make sure to steer clear of these activities.

Drunk or drugged driving

As obvious as it may seem, and as much as we all know that driving while under the influence is dangerous, thousands of people still get on the road every day while buzzed or high.  Do not add to those statistics:  Drive only when sober.  If you are buzzed and need to go somewhere, call an Uber, a Lyft, a taxi, or a friend.

Not using turn signals

Turn signals are generally the only way you can communicate clearly with other drivers.  If you are changing lanes or making a turn, it is crucial to use turn signals.  Many drivers get lazy when changing lanes on the freeway, for example, and simply move over without signaling.  Failing to alert other drivers to your plans can easily lead to a high-speed accident.

Driving while drowsy

If you are exhausted, particularly because you did not sleep the night before, driving can be extremely dangerous.  Consider pulling over to take a nap or finding someone else to drive.  If you know you have a long drive the next day, make sure to get a good amount of rest.  Drowsy drivers cause many accidents.

Driving distracted

We cannot stress this enough:  Texting while driving can be just as dangerous as drunk driving.  Moreover, any activity that takes your attention off the road–changing clothes, eating, shaving, putting on makeup, etc.– can easily lead to a serious accident.  Take care of your extra chores and tasks before you get going, and focus your attention on the road.

Driving slowly in the left lane

If you are driving below the speed limit or below the flow of traffic, do not camp out in the left lane.  The left lane is for passing, and going well below the speed limit can be as dangerous as speeding.

Driving too fast for the weather

The posted speed limits assume ideal driving conditions.  If there is heavy rain, fog, or snow, or road conditions such as ice, sleet, dirt, or other hazards, it is your responsibility to slow down to an appropriate speed to better respond to the dangerous condition.

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