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When we visit businesses or other properties, we expect a reasonable degree of safety and security. We do not expect the building to collapse, we expect there to be a working fire exit, and we do not expect to be the victim of a violent crime. Many buildings use bouncers, security guards, and other security measures meant to prevent criminal or other violent activity. Some building owners, however, fail to install adequate security measures. Sometimes, they hire security guards who are unqualified for the job or who otherwise fail to perform their function properly. When security is lax, innocent people can get hurt.

If you’ve been hurt on someone else’s property because of a negligent security guard or other lax security measures, you might have a claim for compensation from the owner or operator of the premises. The seasoned Southern California personal injury lawyers at McReynolds Vardanyan have decades of combined experience helping injured victims recover the damages they deserve from the parties responsible. We will investigate the circumstances of your attack, gather the evidence needed to support your claim, and either negotiate a fair settlement or fight your case all the way through trial and beyond.

What is Negligent Security?

In California, private and public spaces are expected to maintain adequate security to ensure the protection of guests. Apartment complexes, shopping malls, parking garages, health clubs, sports venues, hotels, bars, and nightclubs are all expected to take reasonable steps to ensure a safe environment for any visitors. If the property owner or manager fails to take proper steps to protect visitors, depending on the nature of the property and other factors, the owner could be liable for injuries and other harm that results. Negligent security falls under the wider field of premises liability, as it touches upon the duties that property owners owe to guests. Negligent security claims can arise on private, public, or commercial property, although claims against government agencies require adherence to special rules and limitations.

Negligent security can manifest in many ways. The owner may have failed to install adequate lighting, they might not have installed proper security systems, or they may not have hired security guards when such security would be reasonably expected given the nature of the venue and the location. When security guards are employed, but they are negligent in the performance of their job duties, any person who is the victim of a violent crime as a result could have a negligent security guard claim against the property owner or manager.

What Types of Incidents Can Give Rise to Negligent Security Claims?

Negligent security claims can arise whenever a property owner’s lack of proper security facilitates the commission of a crime against a party to whom they owe a duty of safety and security. A person may have a claim based on negligent security when they are the victim of assault, battery, burglary, auto theft, sexual assault, or other violent crimes while in a space controlled and operated by another party.

For example, if a person is attacked while walking to or from their vehicle in a parking garage controlled by the building owner, and the attack was facilitated by the lack of attentive security, they might have a claim against the building owner. An injured party may also have a claim for negligent security if they were an injured bystander in a bar fight, or if they were hurt by an overzealous bouncer or security guard.

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