What should I do in the days following my accident?

What should I do in the days following my accident?

The insurance company – either yours or the other driver’s – will need to be notified promptly about the accident. Alternatively, you can contact an attorney first and provide them with the details, and they can reach out to the insurance company on your behalf. Either way, be sure to act quickly to preserve your right to make a claim, preserve evidence and put your lawyer in the best position to get you the highest recovery.

You should also see a doctor within a week of your accident, even if you did not get treated on the scene or go to the hospital after the crash. You should get checked out for any latent injuries, such as muscle spasms, head injuries or internal bleeding that could be very serious if not discovered timely. If you don’t have a regular physician, your lawyer can put you in touch with a doctor who specializes in seeing people after a car accident, slip and fall or workplace accident.

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