What do I do if I’ve been hurt on the job?

What do I do if I’ve been hurt on the job?

Most likely you will file a California workers’ compensation claim to receive benefits including medical care and have a portion of your wages paid while you are disabled. Notify your employer or supervisor right away to get the claim process started. There should be a poster in the break room or elsewhere on the premises letting you know your rights and how to proceed getting a claim underway.

You may also have a civil negligence claim against any third party who is liable for your injuries. Examples include being injured in a car accident while on duty, injured on another’s property while working off-site, or injured by a defective piece of machinery. It’s worthwhile to talk to an experienced personal injury attorney to find out if you have a third party liability claim. Your consultation should be free.

Finally, you may have a lawsuit against your employer in limited circumstances if the accident was caused by the employer’s willful or intentional act. For instance, if you were injured because your boss disabled safety equipment to speed up production, forced you to work in a dangerous situation without the proper gear, or intentionally violated workplace safety rules, they may be liable to you for the full amount of your legal damages.

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