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The cannabis industry is booming in California. The recreational sale of cannabis is legal, but it’s subject to a massive amount of regulation. A number of intersecting laws and regulations dictate precisely how a cannabis business can and must be licensed, and how that enterprise must act at any given time. It’s easy to find yourself on the wrong side of a compliance allegation after failing to file some form with the right agency.

The cannabis administrative hearing lawyers at McReynolds Vardanyan are here to lighten your load. We’ll help you respond to administrative investigations and complaints, and should your matter proceed to an administrative hearing, we offer trusted advice and representation every step of the way. We’ll help you get the licenses you need, defend you against challenges or revocations, respond to compliance allegations, and represent your interests in the proper hearings. If you are facing an administrative hearing or other unwanted attention from government agencies, call our seasoned cannabis administrative hearing attorneys for advice and assistance today.

Full-Service Representation for Your Cannabis Business

An administrative hearing does not mean the end of your business, regardless of the nature of the hearing. An allegation of a compliance violation does not mean you are guilty, and denial or revocation of your license does not mean that you have no hope of establishing or maintaining your business. An administrative hearing gives you the right to present your side of the matter. Even if your business did commit a technical violation, you might be able to seek a reduced penalty and retain your license with help from a savvy cannabis compliance attorney.

The knowledgeable cannabis business and compliance attorneys at McReynolds Vardanyan have spent years helping new and established cannabis businesses get off the ground, maintain proper licensing and compliance, and expand into new areas and customer bases. At McReynolds Vardanyan, we’ll help you with all kinds of administrative hearings, including:

  • Applying for a new or specialty license
  • Appealing license denials
  • Appealing license revocations
  • Responding to compliance-related allegations
  • Contested license applications
  • Representing you at administrative hearings
  • Filing appeals after adverse hearing decisions
  • Handling fines, penalties, and sanctions for violations, including obtaining settlement agreements for reduced penalties

Protect Your Business, Your Reputation, and Your Freedom

The cannabis industry is unique in that it’s centered around a product that was not only illegal until recently, but that also remains illegal under federal law. Violating regulations and compliance requirements can very easily lead not only to business interruption and license revocation but also to criminal prosecution. If you are facing an investigation by any California state agency or local governmental entity, it’s important to get solid legal help as soon as possible.

We’ll help you apply for licenses with the proper state and local governmental agencies, and when challenges to your licenses or business conduct arise, we’ll help you defend your business. We offer advice and representation for hearings and investigations involving all state and local agencies, including:

  • California Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC)
  • California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA)
  • California Department of Public Health (CDPH)
  • Municipal commercial and agricultural licensing agencies

Experienced Advice and Effective Representation From Qualified Cannabis Administrative Lawyers

If you are scheduled for a cannabis administrative hearing, facing cannabis regulatory issues, or are interested in setting up a marijuana business in Los Angeles or southern California, call McReynolds Vardanyan, LLP, in Glendale at 818-855-2115.  Our California cannabis administrative hearing and regulatory compliance attorneys are available 24/7 and are ready to help you step through the legal hoops necessary to get your budding business off the ground effectively, efficiently, and legally.

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