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If you have been arrested, it is normal to feel shell-shocked.  You may be facing damage to your reputation and your livelihood, as well as significant penalties and even a threat to your very freedom.  Prosecutors and police will use your lack of experience in criminal matters against you, trying to intimidate you into a confession or taking a plea deal that is more severe than you actually deserve.  In reality, the government faces a high burden in order to convict anyone of a crime.  They are responsible for proving every element of the crime charged, through evidence and arguing their interpretation of the law.  You should not let the government bully you into making their job easier for them and accepting a punishment you do not deserve.  We can help.

The Southern California criminal defense lawyers at McReynolds Vardanyan have years of experience fighting for the rights of Californians charged with misdemeanor and felony offenses.  We represent clients accused of all manner of crimes, including DUI, burglary, theft, assault, juvenile crimes, and many more.  We will stand by your side from day one, helping you through the investigation process, protecting your rights against overzealous police or prosecutors, working on getting unproven charges dropped, negotiating for a fair and lenient plea deal where appropriate, and fighting to prove your innocence all the way through trial where necessary.

Knowing the Courts, the Police, and the Prosecutors

The criminal defense legal team at McReynolds Vardanyan has spent years defending clients in Glendale and across Los Angeles County.  We are intimately familiar with all of the regular players in a Glendale criminal prosecution, including police officers, government attorneys, probation offices, and the courts.  We have a trusting relationship with all parties involved, and we do not let our clients get railroaded.  Moreover, we have a detailed knowledge of the law and local court procedures, so nothing falls through the cracks.  We have learned who to talk to, who has discretion, who makes decisions, and the best way to get things done for our Los Angeles criminal defense clients.

Defending You Every Step of the Way

The best defense in a criminal prosecution is different for each case, depending on the nature of the crime, the evidence available, and the circumstances of the defendant.  Fighting for all charges to be dropped or to secure a not guilty verdict may be the right approach in some cases, but not all.  We provide understanding and educated advice to our clients about the right approach, depending on the specifics of their situation.  Where possible and appropriate, we will negotiate with the government to secure a fair and appropriate plea bargain, getting some charges dropped and others reduced.  We get felonies dropped to misdemeanors and incarceration reduced to probation.

If there is no acceptable plea bargain on the table, we will make sure that the prosecutors have their work cut out for them.  We will ensure that overzealous police officers are not able to use illegally-obtained evidence, protecting the rights that our clients enjoy under federal and California state laws and constitutions.  We will battle your case through trial and appeal where appropriate.  We are ready to fight for your rights, as long as it takes.

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If you are under criminal investigation or if you have been charged with a crime in Los Angeles or across Southern California, our talented and passionate criminal defense lawyers are ready to protect your rights.  Call the criminal defense legal team at McReynolds Vardanyan to start building your defense today.  We will fight for your rights and your freedom.

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